Dr. Christine Cauffield

Dr. Christine Cauffield

CEO, LSF Health Systems and Executive Vice President, Lutheran Services Florida

Dr. Christine Cauffield has served as President and CEO of organizations providing integrated health services for children through seniors, including a corporation that provides in-patient, acute psychiatric care to seniors in crisis.  She received her doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology from Florida Institute of Technology and completed her Internship and Post-Doctoral Residency at Harvard Medical School, where she specialized in geriatric neuropsychology.  She serves as President of Florida Council on Aging, President of Florida Association of Managing Entities, and serves on the Executive Board of Smart Justice of Florida.   Dr. Cauffield is appointed to the Florida Department of Elder Affairs State Plan Advisory Group.

Dr. Cauffield was recently appointed to serve on the White House National Drug Control Policy National Advisory Panel to identify and define evidence-based public health recommendations for the prevention, treatment of and recovery from substance use disorder in the United States for the White House’s Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) as it prepares President Biden’s drug control strategy.  

Dr. Cauffield is a Leadership Florida alumna. Dr. Cauffield has written book chapters on senior behavioral health issues in addition to numerous articles. She has appeared on CNN Nightly News, ABC Prime Time, AP Press, and several national and international media. Her clinical expertise includes substance abuse, trauma recovery, grief and loss issues, integrated health, and brain disease/disorders.  She is a sought after speaker and frequently presents at state, national and international conferences.  

She currently is CEO of LSF Health Systems, the Managing Entity comprised of 67 Behavioral Health Care organizations that span a 23-county region. 

The network serves over 1.2 million clients annually with a budget of $ 225 million in North Central and Northeast Florida.  Dr. Cauffield represents the United States for EuComs, an organization comprised of 36 European countries that are dedicated to advancing community based behavioral healthcare in Europe.

Dr. Cauffield’s proven track record of management success has resulted in several company turn-arounds.  Additionally, her vision and strategic planning allow organizational growth and expansion, with innovative clinical programs.  She has developed national Best-Practice models that include in-home care, out-patient, inpatient and acute care hospital-based units.  Dr. Cauffield has successfully integrated healthcare services that encompass both urban and rural community settings.  She is a passionate healthcare advocate and is adept at working with local, state and national governmental officials to champion policy and funding initiatives.  Dr. Cauffield incorporates philanthropic fund-raising and effectively engages the communities she serves.  She has successfully worked with local, state and national policy makers on critical healthcare initiatives.