Adam Nemer

Adam Nemer

Founder of Simple Mental Health

Adam Nemer is shifting the dialogue around workplace mental health, equipping leaders with simple tactics to create psychologically safe cultures.

Adam was a CFO and Sr. Ops Executive at Kaiser Permanente for 19 years while suffering from undiagnosed depression and anxiety as one of the more than 20% of Americans who annually experience a clinically diagnosable mental illness.

Fortunately, a compassionate boss encouraged him to get help, and his life shifted.

During Adam’s recovery, he experienced the effect of the stigmas of mental illness firsthand.  As few leaders feel comfortable approaching colleagues when they observe them grappling with mental wellness, he started sharing his story, and found he was making a difference.

Inspired, Adam founded Simple Mental Health to “put mental health literacy in leaders’ and professionals’ toolboxes.”

When leaders understand their colleagues’ struggles and how to help them, they create exponential improvement in employee satisfaction, performance, and they change lives.