2023 Mental Health Innovation Summit

Our inaugural Mental Health Summit, held on November 8th and 9th in Lake Nona, Florida, was an immense success. The event brought together key stakeholders, fostering optimism as we collectively work towards developing a strategic plan through policy implementation and the sharing of best practices throughout the state of Florida.

“I am excited for our partnership with Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute who is currently researching the landscape of mental health across our state.  Through their guidance, we can create and implement practical and attainable strategies to secure and potentially augment funding for efficient behavioral healthcare services, by aligning state and federal policies more effectively. Our team is looking forward to announcing the results of report at our 2024 Leadership Conference. There is no doubt that we are making significant progress towards our goal of making Florida the safest, most sustainable and healthiest state in our nation.”


If you’re interested in joining our research team or becoming a part of our health council, please contact Dr. “Navy Bob” Roncska, Senior Vice President of the Florida Chamber Health Council, at [email protected] for more information.


We are grateful for the lineup of visionary speakers who inspired all of us while focusing on topics such as the power of language in the workplace, creating a mentally healthy culture, research discussions and more.

Thank you for your expertise and insights, shaping the future of mental health in our state.

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