Kim LaMontagne

Corporate Mental Health Trainer, International Speaker, Author, and President of Kim LaMontagne, LLC

Kim LaMontagne, MBA is a Corporate Trainer on Mental Health, International Speaker, Author, and President of Kim LaMontagne, LLC.

She is also the Wellbeing Director for the HR Florida State Council, State Trainer/ Teacher for the National Alliance on Mental Illness, and a Certified Facilitator of Addiction Awareness Training through ICARE.

Kim was a top performing professional who suffered in silence with depression, anxiety, alcohol misuse, and intense suicidal thoughts. She feared judgment, retribution, job loss, and damaging her professional integrity, if she spoke openly and acknowledged that she needed help.

As a result, she remained silent and almost lost her life.

In 2016, a conversation with an observant leader was the turning point that changed (and saved) her life.

In 2020, she stepped away from her corporate role, created Kim LaMontagne, LLC and a leadership training solution called: The 4 Pillars of Creating a Mentally Healthy Culture in the Workplace.

The 4 Pillars teaches leaders the impact of unaddressed mental health, signs and symptoms, the power of peer support and person-centered language, how to decrease stigma, and create a culture where everyone feels safe speaking openly about mental health.

At 14 years sober and healthy, she delivers high impact training and presentations, has the unique ability to teach through the lens of lived experience and the lens of the leader; has worked with clients in healthcare, education, legal, corporate, construction, HR, and non-profit; and is a frequent Keynote Speaker.

She contributes monthly editorial content, on mental health, to HR Florida State Council and Santa Rosa County Chamber of Commerce, and has been featured in NH Bar News, NH Business Review, Medium, Geijo, Thrive Global, and Course Method.

She earned her MBA from University of Roehampton in London, and a Certificate in Executive Strategic Leadership, from The Jacob’s Abbey Global Institute of Leadership Studies.

Kim is passionate about sharing her lived experience, and teaching leaders how to create a safe culture where everyone is empowered to speak openly about mental health.

Lives depend on it.