2024 Leadership Conference | Health Breakout Sessions

As you gear up for the 2024 Leadership Conference on Safety, Health + Sustainability, we can help you prioritize the health and well-being of your most valuable asset – your employees! Our Health Breakout Sessions offer insightful discussions and practical strategies to cultivate a healthy and thriving workforce, ultimately boosting productivity, morale and retention.

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Defining a Healthy Lifestyle Beyond Life Expectancy and Leisure Time Activities

Speaker: Dr. Elvis Alvarez Carnero, PhD. Associate Researcher, Advent Health Foundation Central Florida

While many strive for a long and healthy life to savour all life’s experiences, it’s crucial to recognize that human development and aging go beyond simply adding years. While life expectancy is a helpful indicator of a healthy society, true well-being is multifaceted. This discussion explores key aspects of a healthy lifestyle, focusing on challenging and exploring some common paradigms surrounding nutrition and physical activity. We’ll review existing ideas and answer your questions, aiming to paint a more nuanced picture of what it means to live well.

Mental Effects of Lack of Sleep

Speaker: Dr. Jeffrey Kuhlman, MD. MPH, Chief Quality and Safety Officer, Advent Health

Lack of sleep has profound effects on the mental, physical and spirit of individuals. In this session, Dr. Kuhlman examines the most common effects of sleep deprivation – from cognitive and mental health decline to reduced problem solving abilities. Attendees will walk away with guidance on the severity of a lack of sleep and how they can vary depending on individual factors and the duration of sleep deprivation. However, understanding these potential factors and prioritizing adequate sleep is essential for maintaining good mental health and overall well-being.

A Transformative Journey: The Story of Mosaic’s Psychological Wellness Program

Holland Thompson HeadshotSpeaker: Holland Thompson, Director of Health and Safety-North America, Mosaic Company

In this session, Mosaic and Sleepwell Consulting present the story of Mosaic’s unique Psychological Wellness program. Initially introduced as a pilot initiative in Canada, this program has expanded to most of Mosaic’s operating facilities across North America, giving employees the tools and knowledge to effectively manage their psychological wellness and state of mind.

Join us as we unlock:

  • The transformation: Mosaic’s innovative program for employee mental health
  • The impact: Raising awareness, reducing stigma, boosting wellbeing
  • The lessons learned: Challenges, triumphs and invaluable takeaways
  • Your roadmap: Fostering a healthy, safe work environment for all

Dive into the story of psychological health at Mosaic – a journey of positive change, providing you with insights for your organization.

QPR (Question. Persuade, Refer) Suicide Prevention Gate Keeper Training

Carl Metzger HeadshotSpeaker: Chief Carl Metzger, Associate Vice President for Public Safety and Chief of Police, University of Central Florida

An evidence-based training that teaches the warning signs of suicide, how to interrupt the crisis and how to refer someone to proper care. QPR training is beneficial for anyone who wants to make a difference in the lives of others, especially those in professions that involve regular interaction with people, such as teachers, counselors, healthcare workers, law enforcement officers and community leaders. It can also be valuable for family members and friends who want to be equipped to help loved ones in distress. (This will be two consecutive breakout sessions.)

Safety on the Inside: How to Identify and Effectively Support Behavioral Health for Employees and Family Members

Speakers: Hamilton Baiden and Rich Jones, YouTurn Health

Hamilton Baiden and Rich Jones, co-founders of Youturn Health, will discuss the current problem facing our country when looking through the lens of behavioral health…suicidal ideation, mental health and substance misuse. They will discuss the problem using studied data, show us how to identify those in your organization that might be struggling, and show us innovative ways to tackle this crisis. Come prepared to be entertained as these two talk very differently about something that most people are afraid to bring up.